Australia has some of the oldest and most visually spectacular rock art in the world, but much of it is difficult to access in rugged wilderness terrain. Wildrocks Publications makes some of this art available to all in a series of high quality books that are proudly printed in Australia.

Author, photographer, and publisher Mike Donaldson is a geologist and bushwalker who has been documenting rock art sites across Australia for more than 30 years, particularly in Western Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions.

In 2009 he published Burrup Rock Art: Ancient Aboriginal rock art of Burrup Peninsula and Dampier Archipelago because this National Heritage listed art treasure remained virtually unknown to most Australians.

In 2012-13 a three-volume series on the prolific rock art of the Kimberley was published.
Kimberley Rock Art -Volume One: Mitchell Plateau Area was released in April 2012;
Kimberley Rock Art -Volume Two: North Kimberley was released in October 2012;
Kimberley Rock Art -Volume Three: Rivers and Ranges was released in April 2013.

Wildrocks Publications has been established to bring these national and indeed world heritage art treasures to a wider audience so that they can be appreciated, researched, and hopefully protected for future generations. Images in the books have been approved for publication by the traditional Aboriginal owners.